Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Using the Linux diff command

I need to do a Moodle minor version upgrade(1.9.x to 1.9.y), but my basecode is highly customized. For a vanilla installation of moodle, an upgrade is very straightforward - but how much moodle installs are actually vanilla?

What I intend to do is a side-by-side comparison to check from a file standpoint the differences between the updated moodle core and my customized version.

0. copy production moodle code to a test machine (if possible)

1. on test machine download latest version of moodle from www.moodle.org and extract to a folder in tmp

2. run the following command:
diff -qry /path/to/current/code /path/to/downloaded/code > /pipe/to/textfile.txt

3. Have fun comparing files. I recommending opening the file in a spreadsheet editor.