Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Issues with CentOS 6 and EPEL

I was running into some issues with the EPEL repo on CentOS 6.x. I had just installed the OS and the EPEL/remi repos and whilst trying to search for a package the same error kept repeating.

Cannot retrieve metalink for repository: epel

and it kept failing each time.

The fix involved editing the EPEL repo and making a simple change from https to http. Why or how this broke is beyond me, but this fix may help someone else.

Assuming you have root or su:

1. Edit the epel repo
nano /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo

Find line:

Change to

Save and exit.

2. Clean yum
yum clean all

That did it for me!



  1. thx for the post. just had the same problem now.
    funny thing is that out of 15 identical (or seemingly so) setups this was only a problem on one machine, and also only since a few days. no clue so far why this happened. but the solution above at least solved the problem (actually it is more of a workaround).

  2. This is better solved by updating your out-of-date ca-certificates:
    yum update ca-certificates --disablerepo=epel